Designing a Modern Home Office Space

Designing a Modern Home Office Space

Designing a Modern and Inspiring Home Office Space

This pandemic has forced people to work from home, and that is why home-based offices are growing more and more popular. 

Whether you work part-time or full-time hours in your home office, you are worthy of deserving a space that gives you vibes of really who you are. Here is the chance to do something creative with the standard faux-leather desk chairs and unexciting white walls that provides a look enhancing your productivity and simultaneously compliments your personality.

We present you with seven great tips that will completely transform the designing pattern of your office space. 

  1. Consider Colour

Leaving the walls bare or choosing a colour you love to surround yourself with is your choice. Often interior designers don't encourage super bright shades on every wall; on the other hand, you desire the wall featuring your favourite tone. Considering colour psychology, there must be a nice blend of brighter and softer shades both. 

  1. Add Art

The addition of art can also add colour to your office space. From your family photographs to abstract paintings, anything can be a piece of art. Whatever suits your personality and keeps your creativity flowing will be the right piece available for your space.

  1. Choose High-Quality Furnishings

Spending hours in the home office requires a comfortable space equipped with solid and high-quality furnishings. Upgrade to a chair that fits you and is composed of long-lasting materials. 

While you're renovating your new space, this is an ideal time to spend on a desk built for your official and personal needs. An attractive and beautiful desk can change the appearance of the whole room.

  1. Add Plenty of Storage for Books and Supplies

Nothing is disturbing as clutter. That is the reason you should have enough storage space for your books and other objects that shall not remain on the top of your desk. Custom-built bookshelves offer plenty of vertical space without affecting the area of the room. 

  1. Emphasize Natural Light

Natural light has an intense effect on concentration and insomnia levels. On the other hand, the ambient light reduces eye strain, sluggishness, and headaches because of fluorescent lighting. Exposure to natural sunlight makes us happier, positive and more productive and also it has been proven in many studies that natural light improves sleeping patterns. 

  1. Frame Your View

If your office has a great view, then frame your windows or glass door with curtains in the shade that you love. The key focus is the beautiful view without any distractions, so do not hesitate while experimenting with different shades of draperies. A large number of homeowners select neutral window coverings since they're evergreen. 

  1. Add Greenery

Plants provide dual benefits in office decor. Cleansing the air and effortlessly bringing life to the room is what plants do. Low-maintenance and easy-care succulents are a great option that rejuvenates the appearance of the room. If you adore larger plants, trying a snake plant, a lush jade plant or a peace lily is best for you. Hanging air plants in beautiful blown glass globes saves space. 

You can also find some elegant silks and other faux plants in home décor stores. Since these plants don't require water, dusting them regularly for clean air is a must. You can pick various coloured, textured and designed pots for more visual interest. Spending too many hours in a week in the home office requires it to be a place where you enjoy. We believe that you'll be inspired to treat yourself to a workspace that works as hard as you do. Contact us today or drop an email to us for beautiful drawers and shelves.